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20 tips to have the sex you have always dreamed of

20 tips to have the sex you have always dreamed of

If sex seems like a boring, pointless, colorless process to you and your partner, something is probably wrong.

And not so much during the operation as before or after it. There are ways to make sex the most exciting experience. Because it is basically a mind game and it can be stimulated in multiple ways. The Athens Escorts is here to help you and give you the following 20 tips to have the sex you have always dreamed of.

1. Touching you low … slowly and gently

Therapist Simone Bienne advises men to touch their partners in the area around the vagina very gently and very slowly. This will be extremely irritating.

2. Be completely silent for a few minutes

Sex educator Jenny Block argues that sex is a practice that concerns the body and the mind. When these are coordinated, then it gets better. So, instead of groaning, or swearing in bed, try to … be silent for a few minutes to stimulate your senses. This will encourage your partner to find new ways to communicate with you.

3. Preliminary … Exercise

A few minutes of exercise (20 minutes is a good time!) Is enough to stimulate the body more during sexual intercourse, according to research from the University of Texas.

4. Recall sex experiences that pleased you

Sex therapist Mike Lousada states that “When we talk about sex that we have enjoyed in the past, we stimulate our sexual urges.” Remember the sex you had in a place you enjoyed, the music you may have been listening to at the time. Talk about it. Repeat.

5. See other women aroused

Kathrine O’Connell White of the Tufts University School of Medicine reports that porn has several stimulant effects on women. Seeing her other women have an orgasm can be irritating.

6. Change the place and time you usually have sex 

Therapist Michele McCulle says: “Forget too much morning sex or sex before bed, or your bedroom.” Do it, for example, before your dinner. And somewhere you have not done it before.

7. Buy him a sex toy

Male vibrators have increased by 72% in recent years. Maybe this help is something different for him and takes him out of the routine.

8. “Fighting” before sex 

When naked bodies come in contact with pressure that looks like wrestling, it can cause more arousal, says a Pornhub manager. “Naked wrestling” is a category of videos on erotic content sites that have a lot of traffic.


9. Tell him: “I have never done this before “

Men want to feel “innovative, dominant” says sex therapist Ian Kerner. When it feels like it offers you new experiences, new emotions … it performs better.

10. Send him a love message suddenly 

It will be a pleasant … promising surprise for him. When he is surprised, he feels that he is experiencing emotions. It refreshes the minds of both of you.

11. Before sex, smell something you love very much 

Smells are highly stimulating and can lift your spirits. Especially those that are connected to your erotic tastes.

12. Visit a sex shop, buy books that can help you

Get new recruits around sex. They will help you try things that you certainly did not dare before … because you did not know they existed.

13. Imagine your climax 

Christina Gordon, therapist, says that the more you think about the moment you orgasm and your senses take off, the closer you can get to it.

14. Self-concentration – Coordinate your breaths

Follow his breath or he your own. Sex can be a meditative process that can lift your senses.

15. Massage can be stimulating

Gentle finger movements on his body and body can bring relaxation and make you enjoy sex better.

16. Tell him what you are thinking of doing to him and what you want him to do to you

Imagination can make you exceed your standards, even the limits of yourself, says Dr Lorri Brotto of UBC Sexual Health Laboratory. Talk openly with him about the experience you want to live.

17. “Play” with the intensity of orgasm

Just before the climax, try to see the limits of orgasm. See how much and how you can extend it. Do not … rush to the top.

18. If he sends you a sly message … surprise him

A sharp answer like “I can not wait”, excites him and makes him can not wait either. Play with words. Sex is a game of the mind.

19. Encourage him – Give yourself more duration

Do not rush, do not stress to end the process quickly, give yourself time, talk to him during sex, tell him how much you want him, how well you spend the time your bodies come together. He will want to thank you more in his own way.

20. Hug after sex for a few minutes 

Tight hug after sex can increase the performance of partners next time according to research.