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Holidays in Pelion 2022 and the deep crystal waters

Holidays in Pelion 2022 and the deep crystal waters

Holidays in Pelion 2022 and the deep crystal waters

Most tourists choose the Greek crowded islands for their vacation. However, holidays in Pelion 2022 is another popular option!

About 55 kilometers separate Volos from the most cosmopolitan resort of East Pelion, Agios Ioannis. Here you will find a long sandy beach, organized, with a blue flag and famous but there is also another beach with a strange name, Papa Nero.

Where is Papa Nero located and how do you get to that beach?

Papa Nero beach in Pelion is located between Ag. Ioannis and Damouchari in Mouresi. Right at the borders of the beach of Ai Giannis, you will find an impressive sandy beach, with the special name of Papa Nero.

The beach takes its name from the spring of the same name located a little above, at the location of Trypia Petra, but it is said that many years ago a priest drowned there. Wherever it got its name, one thing is certain: it is an amazing location, surrounded by greenery and crystal clear waters.

The beautiful Papa Nero beach in Pelion is one of the most famous beaches. Its crystal clear sandy beach with its golden sand, the blue Aegean waters, and the green mountain that surrounds it make it look like an exotic place.

The beach is organized as it has umbrellas, deckchairs, and a lifeguard and the access is quite easy, as you can reach it with your car.

You must, of course, be very careful during periods of intense tourist traffic, when the entrance to the beach is prohibited for cars, so you will need to walk to enjoy your swim in this enchanting place. After your swim, the tavernas located along the beach offer good seafood snacks.

Accommodation in Pelion

holidays in Pelion 2022
Lions Nine hotel
Holidays in Pelion 2022

If you are a nature lover and you want a hotel that expresses you then Lions Nine is the ideal location for holidays in Pelion 2022. In the verdant village of Mouresi in Eastern Pelion, there is a small hotel with a refined and special aesthetic, completely in harmony with the environment showing sensitivity and respect. Lions Nine suites are ideal for unique and unforgettable holidays in Pelion 2022.

The enchanting landscape, the abundant greenery in which the hotel facilities are housed and the golden sand of Papa Nero beach where the rich mountain vegetation reaches the sea, compose an enchanting scene. The perfect idyllic place for peace and relaxation.

Which is the most postcard beach of Pelion?

Pelion, is one of the most classic and popular destinations, an enchanting destination all year round located in the center of mainland Greece, which makes it easily accessible from any corner of the country, as you can easily reach it with your car and combines the coolness of the mountain with the crystal beaches that “stare” at the biggest “stars” of the Greek islands…

For great holidays in Pelion 2022 you should visit the most postcard-like beach of Pelion. It may not be known to most, but of course, we mean Tzasteni beach.

The villages of Pelion, in general, are one of the best options for summer vacations but also to have a great time in nature, on a trip that will be unforgettable and that you can reach easily and comfortably with your car. Here, since we are in the heart of summer, let’s get to know one more wonderful beach, Tzasteni beach!

On the road to Trikeri, after Marathias, with your gaze to the right drawn by the blue sea, you will find Tzasteni, although you should be suspicious of the spot as there is no sign. When you find it, you stop and begin the descent of the path among the greenery that leads to this fruit-bearing -literally- beach…

The house at the edge of the sea, in the double cove of Tzastenis, with its white background and blue details on its windows, is one of the most famous postcards of South Pelion. A Cycladic suspicion in the verdant paradise of Magnesia…

Why choose Lions Nine for holidays in Pelion 2022?

Lions Nine hotel is the most preferable location for mountain tours and the picturesque villages of Pelion but also with direct access to amazing beaches. It is only 5 minutes by car from the beautiful beaches of Papa Nero, Agios Ioannis, and Damouchari and half an hour from the ski resort of Pelion.

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