Business promotion on social media platforms have come a long way and takes interesting methods to do so. Some well established and unique business owners have started using trending topics such as the “Royal Baby Watch” to promote their relevant businesses on social media platforms. Presently, the use of trending topics has become quite a common social media tactic which helps you to expand your reach beyond your core audience.Check out the following examples.

In terms of SEO, social media accounts for 3,5% of the boost in the total ranking, so use them sometiems but not too much.

You don’t have to sell baby clothes and accessories to make the trending topic of the #RoyalBaby to work. Instead what you can do is incorporate your business in a way that it makes a connection. It can be a fashion retailer, clothing for fathers, clothing for expectant mothers, baby food, party planners that can somehow be connected to the trending topic. However, it always doesn’t have to be a Royal topic, while there are trending topics that take the internet by storm on a daily basis. Here are a few methods of how you can incorporate trending topics to boost your business.

  • Get hold of a joke that is already popular and try make it your own – You might have recently seen and heard the commotion all over social media over the black/blue vs. gold/white dress. So, when something like that manages to create a buzz for no reason at all, you can use this as an advantage to promote your business. You can be a shoe company and post this for an example “Whatever colour you see in #thedress we have a pair of shoes to match it”
  • Try to benefit from Pop Culture – The modern generation is hooked on social media which is not anything new. So it is important that you keep up with the current subjects and hot topics that people are talking about. How you can do this is to check the ‘trending’ sidebars on Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook which will offer you great ideas. However, make sure that you check as to why that particular topic is trending before incorporating it since the topic also might be inappropriate and offensive at times.
  • The Use of Popular Hashtags – Ensure that you keep an eye on popular hashtags and create posts that revolve around them. An example would be when Zayn Malik decided to quit One Direction. If you own a retail fashion store then you could have posted something like “Get over your heart break of #zaynmalik leaving #OneDirection with some #RetailTherapy @VES”
  • Creating Humourous Memes – If you are familiar with social media and creative posts, then memes are one of them. So, what you can do is consider a certain trend and put your own spin to it by creating a unique meme. There are websites such as “imgflip” where you can create your very own humourous card.

So, now you understand that a little creativity can get you to a top level on social media trends. All you have to do is be creative and unique while incorporating trending topics in your social media posts.