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How to renovate your bathroom?


How to renovate your bathroom?

Bathroom renovation is often an imperative, especially in an old home –Gikas Painting. Due to the constant use, the problems that can be created are many, such as moisture coming out of the walls, damage to the pipes or the tiles.

But many times a renewal is needed, even when everything is working well because many times the usefulness of the storage space in the bathroom is not taken into account and it is understood that most of the bathrooms are just useful and have no trace of decoration.

But now we know very well that every room of our house must be taken special care and provide us with the comfort we need. Of course we can renovate the bathroom with small useful changes or make a radical renovation and turn it into a completely new space.

Let’s see how some bathroom types can be transformed to get ideas for the changes you want to make in your home.


How to renovate the bathroom of my house

Insufficient space is one of the most common problems. Some bathrooms are classic bathrooms, and have almost no storage space, and the tile behind the sink might be broken, apparently due to a plumbing problem.

The transformation can be huge. Even such a small bathroom can become quite modern and useful. All you need is a new washbasin cupboard, which is in the colour of toner and a corresponding wall shelf. Also, a frame was inserted in the mirror that gives the feeling of the brick and completely changes the look.

Renovation of a simple bathroom in vintage style

This could be the bathroom of your student home. It has no space and so the personal items parade on the cistern and on a tiny heart-shaped shelf. But when you enter another phase of your life, you need something completely different.

Everything was comfortable in a single cupboard under the sink and so the wall was left empty for some decoration, such as a frame. Finally, the old shower curtain, through which a lot of water passes, has given way to the glass, which keeps the space clean and is much more modern.

Shower change

A corner shower may seem convenient, but in many cases it takes up a lot of space, cutting the room and does not suit either the person taking a bath or the distribution of space.

So the bathtub changed, without having to change the pipes and the tap. Brown tiles were inserted in the wall and a towel hanger was placed on the edge, while also the sink furniture is in the same colour as the tiles.

Problems with the tiles

Everyone who lives in an old house has faced the tiles at some point due to the humidity. But this is also a good opportunity for a renovation, without throwing away what we have.

The green tiles were retained, but white was also added to illuminate the space, as well as the same tones were retained in the window, with a curtain that maintains the privacy of the space, but also allows light to enter the space. Finally, a towel rack and various decorations were added.


Small changes with big results can also make the difference. Many times it does not take many things to completely change the space. A simple and colourless bathroom is indifferent, but also easy to change its image. All you need is a coloured curtain and some decorations in the space, as well as a bright colour on the wall.

Old and unorganized bathroom

This bathroom is quite small so the only piece of furniture it has for storage does not fit many things and so the paper has ended up in the middle and obviously not at all stylish. Like the second, which is quite old and without any cupboards.

Here was a radical change for a modern bathroom. The wall of the shower was covered and made like a mosaic and the furniture is made of wood. You can also put the mosaic in the bathtub and simply keep the furniture.

A bathroom which is clearly of a past aesthetic and looks dilapidated

After the renovation, it was transformed into a modern and extremely relaxing bathroom that looks like a spa. After the radical renovation, a new washbasin furniture and small shelves were added to the walls for various decorations and personal hygiene items.

What is the most important tip for bathroom renovation?

Experts emphasize that you should not neglect the plumbing and electrical control when doing renovations. Even if you are renovating for purely aesthetic reasons, a hydraulic / electrical fault that you have not foreseen, may in the future force you to make repairs that are expensive. Trust the experts in Gikas Painting and let them restore or renovate your house!

This is one of the tips for bathroom renovation that you should not ignore. It may save you valuable time (and money) in the future.

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