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My Athens escorts cheated on me… Now what?

My Athens escorts cheated on me… Now what?

My Athens escorts cheated on me… Now what?

“My Athens escorts cheated on me.”

It’s something none of us would want to say, and it’s the worst thing you could ever imagine happening in your life. Your wife, your girlfriend, your Athens escorts betrayed you in the most humiliating and devastating way.

It is certainly one of the most difficult moments of your life, and in front of you you face a big question: what do I do now?

You feel very vulnerable and yet in this situation it is difficult to turn somewhere for advice. (Between us badly, since you can very simply arrange a meeting with us).

And while there are plenty of articles about women being cheated on by their men, it’s harder for a man to easily find some advice on what to do in this situation.

Now, you might be thinking the following:

  • My Athens escorts cheated on me but I still love her
  • My Athens escorts cheated on me, how do I get over it?
  • She cheated on me but she wants me back… should I accept her?

That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you answer some questions and help you figure out what to do when your Athens escorts cheats on you.

1. Don’t rush into a decision because she cheated on you

The biggest decision you have to make is whether the relationship is worth saving, but right now you’re overwhelmed by the shock and sadness of the news and can’t make a decision right away.

Some people deal with infidelity by clinging to this fact while others want to kick their “Athens escorts” out of the house and never see her again.

Both options are valid (there are others, of course, which will be mentioned below), but at this time, your first instinct is not necessarily to follow.

In order to make a decision as composedly as possible, demand to take your time and space from the partner who cheated on you and calmly decide what to do. It should be your decision, so don’t let your girlfriend tempt you.

Try to get out of the situation and do some things that will allow you to clear your mind as much as possible.

Whatever you do to remove yourself from the situation, do not contact your partner at all. Turn off your cell phone if necessary. It’s important to give yourself time to breathe and think. My Athens escorts cheated on me… Now what?

2. Take advice from someone but remember the final word is yours

If you have someone you know who went through a similar phase, you can get some advice from them.

Did they try to save their relationship or did they end it? If they did the latter, have they regretted it? Of course, it is even better if your acquaintance, who may have gone through a similar situation, is a man to give you some opinion on how he overcame it and moved on.

It is quite important to find someone who has been through the same and will talk to you about what are the options you have and what are the consequences.

But keep in mind: just as you don’t want your cheating girlfriend to decide what to do, you don’t have to let your family and friends decide for you.

Relatives and friends may be prejudiced against your friend (and the prevailing opinions are “she always seemed so sweet” or “she was never good enough for you”).

Although you want to hear their stories and what they decided to do, you don’t necessarily want to follow the same path. Take their comfort and advice and then decide for yourself what to do.

3. Be honest but also demand honesty

When you decide to talk to your Athens escorts, make sure that there should be a great deal of honesty between you during the conversation. It is important to be completely honest.

So get answers to all your big questions to see what you’re up against:

  • “Was it just for one time?”
  • “It only happened to one person?”
  • “Were there serious feelings?”
  • “Why did he feel the need to do that?”

And most importantly, is this side relationship over and can she guarantee that she won’t cheat on you again?

Try to look at what excuses she will present to you and look for the truth that is hidden underneath. Was it something she did because she felt desperate and alone, or did she not think that by this act of hers she would hurt someone?

Whether this conversation is your last or a step towards a new beginning, the full and true story will help you move on.

4. Don’t blame yourself for cheating

If your Athens escorts cheated on you, it’s easy and completely understandable to feel frustrated in the whole situation. Men often feel castrated when their girlfriends cheat on them.

The “blow” to the ego can be worse than jealousy.

When you are in this position, ugly questions constantly come to your mind: “was it my fault?” “Was it because I wasn’t helping enough at home? Or wasn’t I getting her gifts? Or did I not say ‘I love you’ enough?’

Don’t let these thoughts hold you back and affect you. That way you’d be forgiving her when you’re not willing and you’d be leaving yourself in prolonged misery.

Keep in mind that you did not cheat on your Athens escorts. Your behavior did not force your partner to cheat on you.

Even if she cheated on you because you weren’t paying the necessary attention to her, your partner should have discussed it with you and if she wanted to end your relationship, she should have done it in a more proper way.

If, however, you were the one who didn’t offer any tenderness, you should acknowledge your mistakes and the pain you may have caused both you and her.

Many relationships survive infidelity, but this requires maturity on both sides. This means more communication and more effort on both sides.

Even if you decide it’s time to move on, try to think positive thoughts through this whole mess you’re in. So see how you can improve yourself and keep your next relationship stronger.

5. Focus on self-improvement

But the above should not prevent you from improving as a man. Don’t stop improving your flaws. One way to stop putting yourself down is to stop thinking about what’s wrong with you and start getting better.

Look to do some activities that will change and enrich your life and make you feel like the man you always wanted:

  • Get back into the gym and focus on the body you want to build.
  • Go to cultural events and feel more open-minded. Go to an opera or an art museum. A good idea is to go to a concert of your favorite band.
  • Join a cooking group or start lessons on a musical instrument.
  • Shop for the clothes you’ve been meaning to buy at some point in the past.
  • Change your look. Go to the salon and change your haircut style.
  • And most importantly: get in touch with your friends again. Or if you feel disconnected join our community.
  • Without exaggeration, the best men’s community you’ve ever come across.

Pick something you’ve always wanted to improve about yourself and do it.

But I remind you, it won’t be a one-time situation, self-improvement is long-term – but if you start right after such a traumatic event it can help you restore your ego.

Also, self-improvement gives you something to feel good about and look forward to while you’re trying to move forward to another call girl. Finally, it gets you out of the house and the gloom.

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