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What to look out for hosting when building an insurance website

What to look out for hosting when building an insurance website

What to look out for hosting when building an insurance website

Website design and hosting are difficult services, because each project has its own peculiarities that must be thoroughly analyzed by the company that will build the website.

Thus, there is no algorithm that is suitable for all websites such as an insurance website, a tourism site or a general content blog. If you want to build an insurance website either as an insurance agent or as an insurance agency, you need to pay close attention to the web hosting that you will choose!

Select a ready-made CMS program

The choice of content creation and management program that you will see, is very important as here you will spend most of the time editing and publishing your content.

If you have a dynamic website, you will have access to an administrative back end where you will be able to import your articles, images, pages and generally manage the entire website with ease and speed.

The most popular CMS that you can use to create your website are WordPress and Joomla. There are other CMS like drupal, but the above programs have the greatest popularity and a huge community of users and developers, so that you can bring the website exactly to your measurements.

An example of an insurance website made in WordPress is the website https://www.asfaleies.gr that offers online car insurance & other types of insurance such as motor insurance, home, health insurance, etc.

We see that this website is made in WordPress and has chosen a free payment template for its appearance. You can use either free or paid, or assign a custom template to a designer / developer. In WordPress in general you will find thousands of add-ons that will make your life much easier and you will be able to bring the website exactly to your measures.

Create custom CMS

Creating custom CMS requires a large budget, as you will have to outsource it to a developer office.

Such a project would definitely take some time, but the result would be excellent as an application will be made exactly to your measurements, just as you need it.

You will not have a complete interface with the CMR and ERP of your business and all your office systems are fully connected.

The custom solution lets you get your hands on it as you do not include code in your website, as with a standard WordPress installation, as the web developer will do exactly what you need!

The website will also be very fast. On the downside of this option, is the increased cost. An example of an insurance office with custom CMS is the website of Insurance.gr.

Corporate emails

Every self-respecting company should have corporate emails in the form of email@domain.gr This way you can not have your own website but at the same time be given to customers and you have an email in the form of yourname@gmail.com or name@otenet.gr

It is completely unprofessional and definitely offers a bad image for your business. Create and use exclusive emails that end up in your domain!

Do not completely block the static website

If you do not want to mention your texts regularly and the content will be consistent, then consider whether to create your website in static HTML format.

This way you will save money, as the construction cost is much lower, and you will also have a much higher loading speed than the roads (generally a static website is much lighter than a potential one).

If you want, you can set up a blog on the static website so that you can put all the news and offers from the field of insurance. As we always emphasize, a blog increases the loyalty of visitors and creates a great relationship between your company and customers!

Pay attention to the choice of web hosting

Web hosting plays a very big role in “serving” your website. If you have an overpriced provider, your website will load quite slowly and this will have even declined in Google results.

It needs to be a fast web hosting company where it will load your website in seconds. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get your website up and running. Contact the hosting experts for even better results, as a website will be the showcase of your company to the outside world!

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