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What men want and what women in their 30s

What men want and what women in their 30s

What men and women want in their 30s

Are desires related to age?

Men and women on heart issues are different. It is a fact that our hormones work differently, and we see a lot of things when it comes to relationships, sex etc. What men and women want in their 30s is difficult to answer because it is a very general question.

Each person has different experiences and experiences otherwise the new situations that are shaped. But there are researches and real stories that show us what the general trend is. A couple of decades ago women in their 30s were already married or engaged, but today life for a woman is very different. So the question “what women want” remains topical and interesting.

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The attraction between men and women

Women in their 30s are attracted by smart men with ambitions. Experience from past relationships makes them look for more correct and serious communication but also respect from the opposite sex. Now the energy and character of a man is more important than appearance.

On the other hand, for a man at the age of 30 a beautiful woman will never go unnoticed. But to want it totally there are other things that interest him. Careful appearance along with cleverness makes a combination that can not be denied. Also, good character plays a very important role.

Old relationships

Men seeing their old relationships are realizing what went wrong. One of the problems may be communication. Communication always has room for improvement. But many relationships before the age of 30 are hurting because the organic (motherly) watch of most women is clocking and men are not yet ready to take the next step.

A woman at this age has suffered and has learned. Love and frustration has already become a realistic lesson for her. Women today are careerists and this makes them put to second place love. Old relationships are like an example to avoid if they hurt them.

New relationships

For men the appointments and new relationships after the 30’s are completely different than they were in the past decade. The relationship becomes a priority in relation to the friendships and things that were previously important, cease to be any more. Relationships get more meaningful than they used to be.

New relationships for women in their 30s are simpler in terms of knowing what they want, but more difficult in the sense that it is difficult to find what they are looking for. Surely career plays an important role, but a man of good character can gain their absolute attention.

Sex and chemistry

Here men and women still differ a lot. For a man, chemistry must be from the beginning (athens escort). If it does not exist it almost never comes. Women in their 30s need their time to create this chemistry. If something changes drastically in women, it is that they evaluate a person’s intentions and sincerity and do not stay in his words.

Many men turn to the love of an escort or escorts because the fail to find the real love elsewhere.

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