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When does our house need roofing repair?

When does our house need roofing repair?

Roofing repair is a very important task that must be performed in a timely manner and in the right way so that there is no irreparable damage to the tiled roof.

The repair of a tiled roof must be undertaken by a specialized professional in order to ensure the correct result, the safety of the tiled roof as well as its longevity. The professional study and work of Gikas Roofing in Montclair in combination with the quality materials will restore the tiled roof of your house to its original form.

If the tile roof repair is not done properly or is done carelessly, the first signs will appear in a short time. The need to repair a tiled roof may have resulted from damage caused by rain, wind, an earthquake, a fire, a defect in the original installation, or a lack of insulation and maintenance.

Roofing is divided into four categories:

  • Single-pitched roofing
  • Double-pitched roofing
  • Four-pitched roofing
  • Multi-pitched roofing

A roof repair can involve:

  • Repair of broken tiles on the roof
  • Repair and cleaning of gutters
  • Water inflow into the roof (Water enters from the tiles)
  • Roof waterproofing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Various repairs due to age
  • Inspection and maintenance of roof

Broken tiles on the roofing

Old age, sun, rain and lack of insulation are the main causes of wear on the roof tiles. Repairing detached and broken tile roof tiles and peeling at contact points is one of the most common tasks performed by professional roofers.

In some parts of the tile roof, some tiles may need to be replaced. The replacement is done with tiles of the same type so that there is uniformity.

The roofing repair may concern:

  • Roof repair with French tiles
  • Roof repair with Roman tiles
  • Roof repair with Byzantine tiles
  • Roof repair with tile panels
  • Roof repair with square panels

Water inflow into the roof

Water enters from the tiles. One of the most common problems that a tiled roof can face is the inflow of water. If this happens, the repair of the roofing should be done immediately by a qualified professional.

The openings and cracks of a roof allow water to enter through the tiles. The result is when it rains water drips from the tiled roof into the space.

New roofing insulation

The new roofing insulation is a very important process for the proper functioning of the roof. A properly insulated roof offers energy savings, absolute waterproofing of a tiled roof, reduction of internal temperature and increase of the life limit of the roof.

Roofing insulation is completed in a short time and can be done at any time of the year.

Roofs can be insulated either externally or entirely internally. The way of insulation of the roof is the same for all types of tiles. The main way to insulate a tiled roof is to install a bitumen membrane. Prior to waterproofing a roof, the thermal insulation precedes for a better result.

Roof maintenance

Regular tile maintenance should be done once a year. During a maintenance, the tiled roof is thoroughly inspected and any repairs that may be needed. Of course, the roof is also cleaned, as in the gutters of the roof.
Tile roof cleaning

Due to the weather conditions, especially in the winter months, the tiled roof shows unsightly blackheads and mold growth. This is due to the infiltration of rainwater into the pores of the tiles or cracks in the roof that create mold and black fungus. So the roof looks dirty, in poor condition and quite old creating an unsightly effect.

Roof cleaning is performed with high pressure machines and special specialized liquids, quickly and efficiently, without affecting their original color. Roof cleaning, according to Gikas Roofing experts, is the most effective way to avoid a future tile replacement.

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